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"Super friendly and extremely helpful. I never have to worry about anything when I drop the truck of there, and I always pick it up in great shape. Awesome to have a company that works on diesels to a good standard right by my house."

-Verified Customer

"This is an awesome shop! They always take great care of me with quick turnarounds and sound advice."

-Verified Customer

"I thought the staff was very knowledgeable and professional. They did a great job on the services and made me fall in love with my Duramax again. No more check engine lights. I have had a lot of problems with the big car dealerships and misdiagnosed problems that cost a ton of money. The last example was them telling me I needed a new main seal to fix the oil leak. PDA found it was just an oil pan. I would highly recommend getting your ride serviced here, these guys know there stuff."

-Verified Customer

"Good place for all your Diesel truck needs, they have serviced my vehicle several times and done a great job."

-Wayne Winton

"This place is amazing! Hard to find people who actually know what they are doing even harder to find an auto repair shop that knows what they are doing. They don't just work on diesels! Keep up the good work!"

-Donn Williams

"Phenomenal company. Every aspect of the service was very refreshing to see. Very fair, kind, courteous folks. Thank you!"

-Ryan Long

"Great to deal with. Fast service. Experienced mechanics."

-Dave Lawson

"I live in Silt, Colorado and 15 months ago my injection pump and lift pump went out in my 2000 Dodge Cumming pickup. The parts had a 12 month warranty. I traveled to Moab, UT, where my injection pump failed after only 5,900 miles. With the parts being out of warranty for approximately 3 months and desperate to get my truck repaired and running, I called back to Jeremy at PDA in Glenwood Springs, where Jeremy told me that he would get a hold of Industrial Injections and see what they could do for me. Long story short, I had my truck towed to Glenwood Springs from Moab. Jeremy and Kevin removed the injection pump, sent it back to Industrial Injections, who re-built the injection pump at no charge to me. Jeremy and Kevin had the pump re-installed at their shop, also at no charge to me. This is the best service that I have ever received regarding a warranty issue. The guys at PDA and Industrial Injections are very stand-up and I will always take my diesel truck back to PDA for any needs. Cheers to the crew at PDA, it was my pleasure to provide cold beverages for all their hard work."

-Erica Horvath

"I can't even say enough about Keven and his staff. They have helped me so many times and in so many ways, but this last experience was above and beyond! Thanks for helping me so quickly! Love you guys! Debbie Harte"

-Debbie Harte

"I wish that I could give Jeremy and his outstanding company more than 5 stars. My boyfriend and I are out here from the East Coast for business for a few weeks. Prior to our journey we had air bags installed on his 06 Diesel Duramax because we were hauling a camper. One of those air bags seemed to be loosing air and also came loose! I called up Jeremy Friday morning and he told me he could get me in that day! I got there around 2:00 and was out by 2:30. He also showed me that the air line was leaking and needed to be replaced. Jeremy resolved the issues and didn't charge me for tightening the air bag! I was shocked but grateful with his act of kindness. I hope any one who needs any repairs on their vehicles considers Professional Diesel and Automotive to get the job done correctly. It's great knowing that I can be over 30 hours from home and I have found a great PROFESSIONAL company to do business with. Thank you again!"

-Meagan Savoia

"Thanks for your prompt service! My wife and I are on six week summer vacation from Spokane to Rockies and the Midwest. Our engine cooling system was malfunctioning. Jeremy was able to pinpoint and correct the problem and get us back on the road. We really appreciated their friendly and efficient service. We generally like to support small business and PDA proved why it's well worth doing so!"

-Roland Madany

"Honest and reliable. Fair price for their work."

-Brett Leable

"Our Dodge diesel broke down during our trip from Lubbock TX to Carbondale in Oct. After getting less than satisfactory service from a dealership, we had the truck towed to PDA late in the afternoon. Even though they were pretty busy, Jeremy said he thought they could get us worked in. Before we could get back to Carbondale, he called and said they thought they had a good idea what the problem was. Mid-morning the next day he called to say there was an injector that had failed and he could have one overnighted. Long story short, the guys at PDA had us up and running by the next afternoon. Jeremy and the mechanics at PDA knew all the right questions to ask and all the right diagnostics to run. Very efficient, thorough, professional, and knowledgeable bunch of folks. Hope I never need a diesel mechanic again when we are in the Carbondale area, but if I do, I know just where to turn. Big thanks and high recommendations to these guys."

-Joe Hassel

"We live south of Denver and were in the Carbondale area for a short trip. Our truck broke down and the folks at Professional Diesel and Automotive were amazing! They were booked solid, but still squeezed us in as we were pretty stranded at the time. Additionally, they fixed our truck by the next day (need a part shipped from Denver) solving a problem that no mechanic before them could figure out. They were professional and fair with the price and we really appreciate them! "

-Allison Hoskins

"Friendly service, great results!"

- Diana Brink-Bartow

"Professional Diesel and Automotive is the best in the valley! Though they specialize in Diesel, I brought my Jeep Wrangler in and they were able to fix my issues without a glitch. The staff is highly trained and they are efficient, professional and passionate about what they do."

- Nikki Smeins

"During a camping vacation in Glenwood Springs, I had an injector failure on my 06 Ram Cummins while in the Aspen area, and had my truck towed to PDA based on a glowing recommendation by the tow truck operators (who were driving Cummins Rams). Despite their full schedule, PDA was able to get my truck repaired (replace injectors) in a little over 24 hrs. They really came through for me! They also exhibited great ethics in that they offered to let me order the parts myself to save money; and great compassion when one of the owners offered to give me, my wife and 3 kids a lift when we were having trouble getting a rental car. Truck runs perfectly now. PDA even found and fixed some things that a prior repair shop had messed up. Highly recommend them. Fast, technically knowledgeable, quality work, ethical practices, compassionate and personable owners and staff. A+++++++++++"

- George McFadden

"PDA are MY Diesel guys. They are honest, thorough, good guys. They keep me safe and on the road. I love these guys."

- Chris Chapman

"My girlfriend and I got stranded in Glenwood Springs on a Saturday night. Once we were able to contact businesses on Monday morning for help, we were directed to call PDA with my Dodge Truck. It was an electrical system problem as I'd just put in my second alternator several days before but still had charging issues that I couldn't find. As soon as I called Jeremy on the phone on Monday morning, he asked me to bring it over and they'd get to it. I was so pleased to see Kevin and a tech assist backing my truck out in hardly an hour and the broken wire had been located, fixed and all was back in order. I would highly recommend you making a call to PDA for your automotive needs. They were friendly, fair (very fair) and exceptionally timely. Thanks you guys! Bryan Skarda"

- Bryan Skarda

"Kevin and the team far exceed my expectations each time I am in. They think outside the box on all issues, and offer all options when considering a repair. More than once they have used parts off their personal vehicles to test on my truck to make sure I don't buy unneeded parts.

I would definitely recommend them to friends. Don't waste your time at Glenwood Ford."

- Will Rutledge

"Great job. Had a whistle when my PacBrake was engaged. Found the issue (exhaust manifold gaskets leaking) and resolved timely. Also resolved a small coolant leak as well. They were professional and thorough. Would go back."

- Bill Kirkland

"I've been going to these guys for years. They are the only shop that works on any of my vehicles. I drive for over 2 hours just to take my trucks there. Kevin and the crew go way beyond what you think your mechanics should. From general maintenance to performance upgrades this shop is the first and last name in auto mechanics. Do yourself a favor and program their number in your phone and know that all your troubles are gone! Their friendliness, professionalism, attention to detail, and quality are second to none."

- Jack Shannon

"Excellent service. Recommend to anyone. I will be doing all my business there."

- Arthur Bauer

"PDA is professional, clean and quick. I have never been afraid to ask any question or make a comment. The entire team works for the customer and does everyhting possible to repair or maintain our vehicles. Easy to get to, easy to make an appointment. When PDA couldn't help, they found someone that would and helped coordinate the contact. I strongly reccomend PDA to anyone, 100% satisfaction."

- Brian F.

"Frendliest service I've ever had from a mechanic. This place is great with scheduling and is willing to work with the customer. Excellent job on the mechanic side, as this is my go-to shop for all of my vehicles' needs."

- A.N.

"This group is by far the best in the valley. I have had multiple issues with my Dodge Diesel and they have quickly diagnosed and fixed the issues, and had a smile the whole time. Honesty and Quality are hard to find these days but these guys have it all. I wouldn't take any of my vehicles anywhere else. These Guys Rock!!"

- Isaac A.