Power Stroke Heavy Duty Engine

About Power Stroke Engine

Power stroke refers to a family of diesel engines that were customized for trucks and made by Navistar International and Ford Motor Company. The two companies produced the engines from 1994 up to 2010.

The power stroke heavy duty engine replaced IDI diesel, an indirect injection engine that's was integrated by Ford and Navistar in 1982 to compete with General Motor's 6.2L Detroit Diesel V8 engine.

The power stroke engines were used for Ford products such as in the Ford F-series in Ford Super Duty Trucks and other applications such as Ford Excursion, Ford E-series, and Ford LCF commercial trucks.

Evolution of Power Stroke Diesel Engine

  • 7.3L Power Stroke Engine- This was the first power stroke engine that electronically controlled fuel systems. The engine was built with a cast-iron block and also integrated cast iron cylinder heads. The Navistar's T44E engine was exclusively built for Ford and produced 215 horsepower and a torque of 425 lb.-ft. More importantly, in 1999, an intercooler was added to the engine and the horsepower and torque were increased leading to a 7.3L Power Stroke Engine with increased efficiency, and with reduced vibration, noise, and harshness.
  • 6.0L Power Stroke Engine- Stricter emission policies forced Navistar and Ford to replace 7.3L Power Stroke Engine with 6.0L Power Stroke Engine in 2003. The new model integrated exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), a feature that was absent in the initial model. It integrated a 325 HP and a torque of 570 lb.-ft. But due to problems of clogged EGR, head gasket failure, and oil cooler failure just to mention, it was phased out by 6.4L Power Stroke Engine.
  • 6.4L Power Stroke Engine- This engine boasted higher horsepower and torque than its predecessors of 350 and 650 lb.-ft. respectively. It was the first engine to use a High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel System in the Ford Power Stroke engine series. The engine lacked reliability and after Ford engaged in a hot Lawsuit with Navistar, they parted ways, which prompted the former company to produce its 6.7L Power Stroke Engine also known as "the Scorpion."
  • 6.7L Power Stroke Engine: The Scorpion- Ford started the production of this engine in 2011 and by 2018 they had upgraded it to produce 450 HP and a torque of 935 lb.-ft. Currently, it uses a single turbo to increase its torque. It's is made of compacted graphite iron engine block a feature that makes it robust yet lightweight. Other exemplary features include but are not limited to smart exhaust brake function, pushrod arms valve operation, and inverse-flow configuration that integrate exhaust manifolds and a turbocharger.

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