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Mobile Dydno in Glenwood Springs, CO

Take Your Vehicle & Event to the Next Level

Professional Diesel & Automotive is home of the only mobile Mustang dyno in Colorado, and we're offering mobile dyno tuning services all over the Glenwood Springs area. With dyno tuning, we can maximize vehicle horsepower, torque, and overall performance, plus the dyno experience is fun and convenient. So, let us take your event and vehicle to the next level by delivering—to your door—an awesome experience for spectators and real results for you.

How Dyno Tuning Works

With a dyno, a vehicle is operated and tested in a controlled environment at all throttle positions and RPM (revolutions per minute) ranges. An electromagnetic brake can also be used to vary the load on the engine, thus simulating real-life road conditions, and the dyno has real-time air and fuel monitoring capabilities to achieve a safe and efficient air and fuel mixture that prevents engine damage and poor gas mileage. Combined, these two dyno features create the best and most accurate way to diagnose how an engine is performing. By running the vehicle at different throttle positions and RPMs, we learn the exact air/fuel ratio from idle to redline.

Once we have this information, the fuel can be adjusted to the correct ratio for best performance. This can be achieved in several different ways, most frequently by mapping fuel management systems on fuel injected engines and carburetor jetting on carbureted engines. Adjustments are made to create the best fuel mixture possible that will preserve engine life and produce optimum vehicle performance.

The Only Mobile Mustang Dynamometer in Colorado

Our portable AWD dynamometer, combined with an experienced tuner, allows for thorough and complete tuning of most engines, including motorcycles. With dyno technology we can recreate any driving condition right on our dyno trailer, which is invaluable when trying to troubleshoot a problem that only occurs while driving. And you'll know an accurate horsepower after getting your car tested on the dyno. We can also look at your wideband air/fuel ratio, boost, vacuum, air intake temperature, and torque. Or you can hire PDA Mobile Dyno to bring competition to your event. We can travel outside of Colorado to our surrounding states as well.

Call Us to Learn More About Mobile Dyno tuning

If you'd like to learn more about Professional Diesel & Automotive's mobile dyno tuning services, please contact our auto repair shop in Glenwood Springs, CO. We'll get you hooked up—literally—with an awesome experience and a vehicle that's performing in peak condition. Call (970) 945-5080.